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Welcome to MAFAC's Advocacy and Involvement Page!
We will continue to bring all kinds of resources to anyone who would like to take action to improve opportunities and resources for Massachusetts' Families and Children.  Please let us know if there are any we've missed.
"The most powerful office in a democracy is the office of citizen."  --Louis Brandeis

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Please Return Your Completed Census TODAY!

"If 100% of households mailed back their forms, taxpayers would save $1.5 BILLION dollars. Let's all do our part and mail back our forms!"  --USCENSUS


 The Census is only done every ten years and it determines how much funding Massachusetts will receive for schools and other federally funded programs including how many representatives we get to send to Congress!  Please take 10 minutes and fill out your 10-question form today!

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New Website for Parents of Teens...
4Parents.gov is part of a national public education campaign to provide parents with the information, tools and skills they need to help their teens make healthy choices, including waiting until marriage to have sex. Nothing is more important for a child, pre-teen, or teen than...
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Two Major Recall/Warnings! 9:58 am edt          Comments


MAFAC Supports current House Health Insurance Reform Bill
Massachusetts Family and Child encourages you to call your U.S. Rep (see our Advocacy page for contact info) and urge him or her to vote Yes on the current Health Insurance Reform Bill. 

Urge your Representative to support the President’s effort to enact critical health reform now and give more than 95% of the children in America a chance for a healthy start in life.  --Children's Defense Fund


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Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!
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Stand for Children Make- a -Sign (on-line) Campaign

Stand for Children is asking you to help send the message to state legislators that we need to stop education cuts.  To make a sign, on-line, that will be delivered to the State House on the SFC advocacy day, cliick here:


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Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked 40,000 of our nation's public school teachers for their thoughts on American Education with the goal of placing teachers’ voices at the center of the discourse around education reform.  See, hear, read more here...
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Reminder: BAEYC Conference 3/12/10
BAEYC Old Colony Chapter's
Personal Pathways to Professionalism Conference
Friday, March 12, 2010
(snow date Saturday, March 13)
Bridgewater State College
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Register to VOTE in Massachusetts

How can I speak up on the issues?

Who are MY elected representatives?

Who are my representatives?

MA House and Senate Leadership

Where do I vote in MA?

Project Vote Smart

Track bills at GovTrack.us

League of Women Voters of MA

How a bill becomes a law in Massachusetts (LWV)

U.S.House Sub-committee on Early Childhood, Elem,& Secondary Ed.

U.S. Senate HELP Sub-committee on Children and Families

Recent U.S. Senate Votes

MA Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities

MA Joint Cmte on Education

MA Sen. Children's Caucus


Contact My U.S. Congressman or Congresswoman


Capuano, Michael E., Massachusetts, 8th Delahunt, William, Massachusetts, 10th
Frank, Barney, Massachusetts, 4th Lynch, Stephen F., Massachusetts, 9th
McGovern, James, Massachusetts, 3rd Markey, Ed, Massachusetts, 7th
Neal, Richard E., Massachusetts, 2nd Olver, John, Massachusetts, 1st
Tierney, John, Massachusetts, 6th Tsongas, Niki, Massachusetts, 5th

Massachusetts U.S. Senators

Kerry, John F.- (D - MA)


(202) 224-2742

Web Form: kerry.senate.gov/v3/contact/email.html



Brown, Scott - (R - MA)  

(202) 224-4543



Class I

Important Tips for getting your voice heard.
1. Be a registered voter.   If you're not already, registering to vote is a simple step that will get you started in feeling like a part of the process.  Some officials check voting lists to determine how important your letters are by whether you  vote!
2. Remember The MAFAC Code: "Emails are great, letters are better and phone calls are the known call!" TM  We use this little slogan to remind us that any time you contact your representative, you've done a great thing but some ways are better than others for getting your point across. Your email will be noted and sometimes you will receive a reply.  A letter sent by regular/"snail mail" will stand out and make an even bigger impression.  If you take the time (and muster up the courage) to make a phone call, it will be "known" that you want your representative to take notice of thesubject of your call.
3.  Be important.  Your ONE email, letter or phone call will be seen to represent as many as 50 people who feel the same way but did not take the time to speak up! Think about how important that makes you!
4.  Start small and work your way up!
     a). If you're just not comfortable with making phone calls, start with emails.  Your representative will know that this is   
          important to you as well as others.
       b). When you start to feel comfortable with emails, start thinking about writing letters.  Thinking about  
         having envelopes, paper and stamps close by for when you get inspired to write! 
       c). When you are ready, start thinking about how you'll "get brave" and make that first phone call to an elected official.  Most
         people   feel better knowing that they will almost always speak only with an assistant.  The representative usually does not
         come to the phone.
3.  Make it short AND sweet! 
      a). Choose one or two sentences to make your point.  This way, you can "get it over with" fast and still get that great feeling that 
       you've contributed!  When you get more comfortable, you can start to make longer statements to explain your concerns.  
You can say something as simple as:

Hello, my name is _____________ from city, state.

I'm calling to ask you to vote for the ___________ bill. Will Represntative/Senator__________ vote for the bill?


If yes: Thank you for your leadership, you have my support.                                                    \

                                                                                              If no: I support this bill, as do many other constituents, and I hope you'll reconsider.


       b). Be polite.  No matter how passionate or angry you may feel, we know that "you catch more bees with honey."  In other words,    
        it's much easier for people to hear your feelings when they are being spoken to in a pleasant, respectful way.

Need to Brush Up on Your Facts...?

National Institute for Early Education Research

NAEYC Data on Massachusetts ECE Policy

National Head Start Association


Childrens' Defense Fund

Center on Children and Families, Brookings Inst.

Don't Be Afraid!
At first, it can be scary or intimidating even to think about contacting your elected representatives.  Whether you're a parent, someone who cares about children and families or both, it's important to know how much your voice matters when laws are made and programs are created.  

We're here to help!
If you have an issue you'd like to be heard about, please drop us a line and we'll help you get your voice heard!